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Dear Parents and students,                                         


Welcome to the 4th grade! This year will present many fantastic opportunities to watch your children learn and grow. For your children, this year presents many areas to flourish academically and socially through many different exciting classroom lessons and activities. For myself, this year is filled with anticipation and excitement getting to know your children and guide them through their 4th grade journey.


A little background about myself, I received my BA from California State University Northridge in Communication Studies and later my Credential in Teaching and a Masters Degree in Education from Pepperdine University. I began my teaching career at Paul Revere Middle School in Brentwood in 2001 teaching 6th and 8th grade English and History. After a break from teaching I joined the Beverly Vista Staff as a 4th grade teacher in 2010. I have two daughters; Mia who is 13 and beginning 8th grade, and Lila who is 10 and beginning the 5th grade.  With the birth of my children I have come to greatly appreciate the balance of work, school, and family. I honor the time that children and parents have together and believe that learning happens in many forms. My time as a mother has made me a better teacher.


I believe that a school/classroom should be a place of mutual respect of all, teachers, students, and parents alike. It is my deepest desire to provide a safe place for children to be able to push themselves, embrace the “yet” and not be afraid to F.A.I.L. (first attempt in learning). My classroom is a place where your child will be able to independently explore new ideas and concepts that excite them. Ideas are worth exploring! I will always make myself available to help whenever it may be needed. It is my goal that we will support and guide each other in a way that will provide a warm and secure environment where the greatest amount of learning can take place. The school is but an extension of the home; when both environments work together is when a child is truly successful.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns by email: I am also available to meet and at a variety of times throughout the afternoon. Please contact me via email to schedule an appointment if/when we need to meet to discuss any concerns. I look forward to an amazing year!


Thank you,

Mrs. Heather Subin