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Homework for Thursday 9/20

1. LA: Read BR 1 Biography and post it notes
          Notes: childhood, family members (T & M charts),
          your person's T & M chart like done in class
 2. SCI: Solar System project - due tomorrow at 2:30     
          Some class time tomorrow to finish; gather materials, images
          downloads, create graphics, etc 


***In honor of the Holiday, Yom Kippur, There will not be any homework tonight.  Students may choose to read and log, but it is not required.  In light of this change: Book Report #1 (BR1) novels are due in class and notes will begin on Thursday September 20th. 

Homework for Monday September 17

1. LA: Read for 30+ minutes and log
2. LA: Character Traits & Motives chart for family member(s)
3. LA: Reading strategy 1, questions 1 - 8
3. MA: Handout pp. 204 - 205, prime factorization
4. SCI: Finish solar system unit in WB.  All pp. 158 - 183
             previously assigned and checked.


Biography novels (minimum of 100 pages, NO exceptions!!) due in class Tuesday September 18.  Ordering online is not reason to be without the book on that day.  
Thank you

Homework for Thursday 9/13

1: SS/CLASS: Complete the student evaluation for
                        "My Geography" project. parent signature.
2. LA: Read for 30 + minutes and log

Homework for Wednesday 9/12

1. LA: Read for 30+ minutes and log
2. CLASS: BHPL trip permission form - parent signature
3. SCI: WB Solar System unit, lesson 3 pp. 175 - 182 (R/H/R)
4. SCI: WB Review pg. 183

Homework for Thursday 9/6

1. SS: work on My Geography Project.  Gather all images,
           information, graphics, design & decoration elements to
           complete project in class tomorrow.  
           Students should spend time working on the actual
           final pages too.  Rough drafts were begun in class.
2. LA: Read 30+ minutes and log


Date change:
We will be going to the BHPL on Friday September 14th, not the previously announced September 21!  Permission forms have gone home.


If anyone has a dvd of the movie "Inside Out", then I would really appreciate it!  If so, then please send in with your child.  I will be using a short segment of the movie with Mr. Weddle during our next Character Education meeting on Thursday September 20th.
Thank you!!


Our first field trip of the year will be a walking trip to the BHPL (Beverly Hills Public Library) on Friday September 21.  Parent permission forms will come out soon.  It is a walking trip so there is no transportation nor admission costs!

Homework for Tuesday 9/4

1. LA: Actions (verbs) synonym chart
2. LA: Read for 30+ minutes and log
3. MA: Handout Average work sheet 
4. SCI: WB pp. 169 - 174 (R/H/R) read/highlight/respond.

Homework for Thursday 8/30

1. LA: read for 30+ minutes and log
2. MA: Multiplying whole numbers handout from class today. 
3. SCI: wb pp 164 - 168 (R/H/R) 

Homework for Wednesday August 29

1. LA: Read for 30+ minutes and log
2. SCI: wb pp. 160 - 163 R/H/R (read/highlight/respond
            to all prompts) all work in pen, no pencil!!