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Student Handbook

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August 2018

Dear Beverly Vista Families,

On behalf of the Beverly Vista faculty and staff, it is my honor to welcome you to the new school year. I hope you have had a restful and enjoyable summer break.

This year at Beverly Vista we will work diligently to continue the legacy of success established over the years by building strong relationships with parents, students, staff, and community partners. This year we will focus on 21st Century skills, character education initiatives, maintaining a nurturing and safe environment, effective support and intervention programs, use of data to guide instruction, and providing exciting and challenging enrichment opportunities for all students. I anticipate a most successful year for our students as our excellent team of educators, Assistant Principal, Alyssa Para, and
I support the academic, social, and emotional growth of your child.

In addition to our outstanding teachers, a large part of Beverly Vista’s success can be attributed to its robust and engaged PTA. Please consider contributing to the BV PTA so that we can continue to fund stimulating programs in science, technology, music festivals, field trips, enrichment programs, assemblies, and much needed equipment in our classrooms. Your donations directly affect your child’seducation. We urge you to not only become a member of the PTA, but also contribute to BV Pride so that we can continue to provide our students with a world-class education. 

As Principal, my door is always open and I welcome your input.
I look forward to partnering with you this year in providing an outstanding education for your child.

Go BV Bulldogs!!!

Best regards,

Chris Regan


TK/Kindergarten Daily Schedule
8:30 - 1:00pm Early Arrivals Wednesdays Homeroom 8:00 - 8:10
9:30 - 2:00pm Late Arrivals 9:30 - 12:00 All Students Per. 1 8:10 - 9:00
12:00 - 12:45 Lunch Per. 2 9:03 - 9:53
12:45 - 2:00 All Students Nutrition 9:53 - 10:08
Per. 3 10:11 - 11:01
First Grade Per. 4 11:04 - 11:54
8:30 - 9:30 Wednesdays Lunch 11:57 - 12:37
9:30 - 9:45 Recess 9:30 - 9:55 Per. 5 12:40 - 1:30
9:45 - 10:10 PE, No Fri. 9:55 - 10:20 PE Per. 6 1:33 - 2:23
10:10 - 11:15 10:20 - 11:15 Per. 7 2:26 - 3:16
11:15 - 12:00 Lunch 11:15 - 12:00 Lunch
12:00 - 1:05 12:00 - 1:05 Wednesdays
1:05 - 1:20 Recess 1:05 - 1:20 Recess Homeroom 9:30 - 9:40
1:20 - 2:39 1:20 - 2:39 Per. 1 9:40 - 10:20
Second Grade Nutrition No Nutrition
8:30 - 905 Wednesdays Per. 3 11:06 - 11:46
9:05 - 9:30 PE, No Fri. 9:30 - 9:55 PE Per. 4 11:49 - 12:29
9:30 - 9:45 Recess 9:55 - 11:15 Lunch 12:29 - 1:07
9:45 - 11:15 11:15 - 12:00 Lunch Per. 5 1:10 - 1:50
11:15 - 12:00 Lunch 12:00 - 1:05 Per. 6 1:53 - 2:33
12:00 - 1:05 1:05 - 1:20 Recess Per. 7 2:36 - 3:16
1:05 - 1:20 Recess 1:20 - 2:39
1:20 - 2:39 Early Dismissal
Third Grade Per. 1 8:10 - 9:00
8:30 - 9:30 Wednesdays Per. 2 9:03 - 9:53
9:30 - 9:45 Recess 9:30 - 10:50 Nutrition 9:56 - 10:08
9:45 - 10:50 10:50 - 11:15 PE Per. 3 10:11 - 11:01
10:50 - 11:15 PE 11:15 - 12:00 Lunch Per. 4 11:04 - 11:54
11:15 - 12:00 Lunch 12:00 - 1:05 Lunch 11:57 - 12:37
12:00 - 1:05 1:05 - 1:20 Recess Per. 5 12:40 - 1:15
1:05 - 1:20 Recess 1:20 - 2:39 Per. 6 1:18 - 1:53
1:20 - 2:39 Per. 7 1:56 - 2:30
Fourth Grade Lunch Periods
8:30 - 10:10 Wednesdays Kindergarten 12:00 - 12:45
10:10 - 10:25 Recess 9:30 - 10:25 Grades 1, 2, 3 11:15 - 12:00
10:25 - 10:50 PE, No Tues. 10:25 - 10:50 PE Grades 4, 5 11:40 - 12:25
10:50 - 11:40 10:50 - 11:40 Middle School 11:57 - 12:37
11:40 - 12:25 Lunch 11:40 - 12:25 Lunch
12:25 - 1:20 12:25 - 1:20
1:20 - 1:35 Recess 1:20 - 1:35 Recess
1:35 - 3:02 1:35 - 3:02 Rainy Day Lunch Periods
Fifth Grade Grade 1 11:00 - 11:30
8:30 - 10:10 Wednesdays Grade 2 11:00 - 11:30
10:10 - 10:25 Recess 9:30 - 11:15 Grade 3 11:15 - 11:45
10:25 - 11:15 11:15 - 11:40 PE Grade 4 11:40 - 12:10
11:15 - 11:40 PE, No Thurs. 11:40 - 12:25 Lunch Grade 5 11:40 - 12:10
11:40 - 12:25 Lunch 12:25 - 1:20 Middle School 12:00 - 12:30
12:25 - 1:20 1:20 - 1:35 Recess *Middle School Wed. - 12:29 - 1:07
1:20 - 1:35 Recess 1:35 - 3:02
1:35 - 3:02 1:35 - 3:02
Students may buy lunch or bring a sack lunch from home. School lunch menus are published monthly and can be viewed on the school’s website. All food and drink (other than water) must be consumed inside the cafeteria. Student lunches may not be delivered to the office except in an emergency (see below).
Forgotten lunches, homework, special projects, etc. may be delivered to the office in an emergency only. An emergency is an extremely unusual circumstance that is completely beyond the student’s control. Such emergencies are not expected to occur more than once or twice over the entire school year. Please make sure that the student’s name is on the item. It is the student’s responsibility to check in the office during a break if he or she has left something at home. STUDENTS WILL NOT BE CALLED FROM CLASS. Lunches not picked up by the end of the day will be discarded.
If a student has forgotten or lost his or her lunch, they may be given a free sack lunch by the cafeteria staff. Students will not be allowed to abuse this privilege.
Except in emergencies, students may not use the office phones. Please do not call school to have routine messages delivered. We will deliver emergency messages only.
If your child has a medical appointment or must leave school for any reason during the school day, he or she will be called to the office when you arrive to sign him or her out. If your child returns to school the same day, a parent needs to sign him or her in at the office where the student will be issued a pass to return to class. Students are not permitted to leave school alone during school hours. They must be signed in and out of school by a parent or guardian. Students will not be released to anyone who is not an adult listed on the Emergency Card. Please keep your Emergency Cards up-to-date.
Please make sure to mark your child’s name on sweaters, coats, lunch boxes, etc. Names on lost items help ensure items are returned to the proper person. Our lost and found area is located just outside of the Multi-Purpose Room. Valuables will be kept in the office. Books will be retained in the school library. Lost items that are not claimed will be donated to charity at the end of each semester.
Your children will receive various notices throughout the school year to keep you informed about what is happening at school. Please encourage them to be conscientious about delivering these papers to you. Parents should check their child’s backpack for such notices periodically.
Parent/teacher conference days are scheduled throughout the school year. You will receive bulletins regarding specific dates and they can be found on the monthly BV calendar on our web site. If you would like to speak to your child’s teacher at any other time during the school year, please contact the teacher by e-mail, voice mail, or by sending a note with your child. The teacher will contact you as soon as possible. Middle School parent conferences are typically held with the entire grade-level team to provide a complete picture of each student’s progress.
Middle School students receive progress or grade reports every five weeks. Parents must sign acknowledgment slips indicating that they have seen their student’s reports. Progress reports are received in October, December, March, and May. Grade reports are received in November, February, April and June. If you do not receive the grade reports from your child, please contact the office immediately.
When students are ill, arrangements for keeping up with schoolwork are very important. For an absence of one or two days, students should call friends to find out about assignments. For absences of three or more days, you may call the school office. Teachers will be contacted and assignments may be picked up at the close of school on the following day. Please do not go to the classrooms to pick up work.
Please cooperate with police, parking enforcement officers, crossing guards, and school staff to maximize the safety of our students. Please be courteous to other parents who are also dropping off or picking up their children.
All students should be dropped off and picked up on the East Side of ELM DRIVE. Students are not to be dropped off on the Rexford Drive side of the campus.
Parking enforcement officers will issue tickets to drivers who are double parked or blocking traffic. Take note of the street signs for parking hours. Please do not leave your car unattended in the white zone directly in front of the school or you will receive a parking citation.
Students may arrive at school no earlier than 7:30 a.m. All students will wait on the playground until class begins. K-5 students will line up quietly on the playground when instructed to do so by playground staff. Middle School students are expected to line up quietly at their homeroom teacher’s door by the start of school each day. Middle School students are not allowed upstairs until 10 minutes before the start of school unless they are meeting with a teacher. Kindergarten students, who start class at 9:30 a.m., report to the Kindergarten playground at that time. Parents may walk their kindergarten students to class. Older children are expected to line-up on their own.
After school, students who are not picked up at dismissal time will wait on the playground with Parks and Recreation staff. Pre-K and Kindergarten students will be held in the office. Elementary students who are on the playground after school must be careful not to interfere with Middle School PE classes.
In case of rain, students report to the Atrium before school instead of the playground. After school, students who are not picked up immediately will wait in the Atrium. Kindergarten students will be taken directly to the Atrium or the Multi-Purpose Room. Appropriate clothing and/or an umbrella are necessities on rainy days.
Our playground is open daily after school with supervision provided by the City of Beverly Hills Department of Parks and Recreation. The playground is open until 5:00 p.m. When the playground closes at this hour, students are to go home immediately.
After-school programs are provided by and administered by the Department of Parks and Recreation. If you are interested in such a program, please contact them directly.
Upon returning to school after any absence, students must present an absence form to the homeroom teacher (signed by the parent). If the student was ill, please indicate the nature of the illness. This is a State Educational Code Requirement. Absence forms are available from the office, your child’s teacher, or from our website,
When, due to illness or injury, a student is unable to attend school for a long period of time (generally more than two weeks), a home study teacher can be assigned to give instruction in the home or hospital. More information is obtainable from the school office.
As punctuality is most important to the learning environment, Beverly Vista School is instituting a zero tolerance for tardiness. This is not only for the beginning of the school day but for arrival at each class in middle school. All students must be on time following lunch and recesses. It is essential that we are consistent as an entire school faculty. We can encourage punctuality and minimize disruptions caused by late students if we work together.
  • Any student entering a classroom after the start of school is considered tardy and will be marked as such no matter how late they arrive.
  • Any student who arrives at school within fifteen minutes of the start of school should report directly to their homeroom.
  • When a child is more than fifteen minutes late, he or she must report to the Health Office and must have a note from a parent explaining the tardy. If students arrive later than fifteen minutes without a note, they will not be permitted to enter school until a parent is contacted.
  • Students who are more than thirty minutes late to school will be marked as truant per Ed Code and California Law.
  • After being tardy, students will be required to serve detention on the following day. Detention begins at 7:20 am for middle school students. Detention is not held on late-start Wednesdays.
  • Students tardy to class after recess or lunch should be addressed by each teacher as part of the behavior expectations for that classroom. While teachers are responsible to keep accurate attendance records for each period, only homeroom attendance records become the school’s official daily attendance.
Beverly Vista offers a wide range of support programs designed to maximize student learning. These programs include Special Reading, Title I, English Language Development, after-school assistance, Reading Plus, Math Tutorial, Study Skills, Speech and Language therapy, Occupational Therapy, Adaptive Physical Education, and Learning Improvement classes. Some of these programs are open to all students while others are for students who qualify under specific criteria. If your child is struggling in school, please contact his or her teacher, the school counselor, or an administrator for more information.
Beverly Vista School actively seeks and welcomes parent involvement in the life of our school. Brief descriptions of the major ways in which you can become involved are listed below.
The School Site Council is a group made up of equal numbers of parents and staff who help plan and evaluate our educational program. Parents submit self-nomination forms each spring for election to Site Council. All parents are welcome at every Site Council meeting. You will receive valuable information and your input is needed.
Beverly Vista has a very active, supportive PTA. The PTA is a group of parents, educators and students working together to promote the education, health and welfare of children. Beverly Vista PTA strives to provide a climate where students can be successful and parents feel welcome.
Your involvement in PTA can be as limited or active as you would like it to be. There are many ways in which to become involved, from simply joining to assuming a leadership position. Our PTA supplies classroom volunteers and art docents, welcomes new parents, and sponsors fund raising activities to enhance the school programs. Please become involved; everyone is needed and welcome.
All members are encouraged to attend monthly meetings, which are generally held on the third Tuesday of each month. Times and locations vary. Please check the monthly calendar for up-to-date information. Also, sign up with the PTA to receive periodic e-mail messages.
School is one of the safest places for your children to be in the event of a disaster. Beverly Vista School and the Beverly Hills Unified School District have developed an extensive disaster plan. Training and emergency drills for both staff and students are held regularly.
Except for the Reunion Gate, all school and playground gates will be LOCKED in the event of an emergency. The Reunion Gate, which will be clearly marked, will be open for the release of students to authorized persons.
Parents and other adults, whose names are listed on the students Emergency Cards, should come to the Request Gate to request to pick up their children. Children will not be released to anyone not listed on the Emergency Cards. Be sure to keep your Emergency Cards up-to-date.
After students have been requested for pick up, they will be delivered to the Reunion Gate. When picking up students, all persons must sign a master list to establish a record of dismissals.
When any gate location is not operable, signs will designate another location.
Students will remain under the supervision of school personnel until picked up by an authorized person.
IMPORTANT: Our school is prepared to shelter and feed students for extended periods during and after major earthquakes or other emergency situations. Parents whose children require daily medication are asked to send a three-day emergency supply of all medicines, with instructions, to the school health office. All medicines will be stored appropriately.
AM KFI-640 AM       KFWB 980 AM        KNX 1070
BHUSD Student Responsibility Contract
As a student in the Beverly Hills Unified School District, I understand that I must meet certain responsibilities and obligations, including, but not limited to the following:
  1. To remain on campus at all times during the school day and attend all of my classes except for legally excused reasons (illness, medical appointments, bereavement or quarantine). I will leave a classroom only with teacher permission and an authorized hall pass. If I must leave campus during the school day, an authorized adult through the school office will sign me out. I will sign in through the school office upon my return or if, for any reason, I am late to school. Following an absence, I will present a signed absence slip to my homeroom teacher.
  2. To arrive on time for all classes. Tardiness impacts student performance. Detention will be assigned to Middle School students for tardiness. Repeated detention assignments, or failure to serve detention in a timely manner, may result in additional disciplinary consequences, including suspension from school.
  3. To follow all school rules and policies at all times, and to follow the verbal directions of all teachers, administrators, and other staff members.
  4. To behave honestly and ethically at all times. I will not knowingly provide false information to any teacher, administrator, or other staff member. I understand that violating the District Cheating Policy will result in disciplinary consequences. Cheating can include either giving or receiving aid.
  5. To refrain from leaving trash on the classroom floor or in the halls or cafeteria. I understand that eating is not permitted outside the cafeteria or other designated areas. I understand that if I violate these rules, I may be assigned school service duty.
  6. To refrain from chewing gum on school grounds. I understand that I may receive detention and/or school service if I am caught chewing gum any time on campus.
  7. To refrain from wearing attire which bears inappropriate logos or detracts from the academic environment of the school or affects the safety of the individual (hats/caps, sagging pants, hanging belts, short shorts or skirts, low cut necklines, halter tops, spaghetti straps, blouses or pants that expose the stomach or undergarments, etc.). I understand that wearing inappropriate clothing to school may result in my being required to change to more suitable attire. Make-up of any kind is NOT permitted.
  8. To follow the District’s Acceptable Use Policy on student access to networked information resources. I understand that access will be granted me only if I submit and comply with the permission and agreement forms signed by me and my parents. I agree to act in a considerate and responsible manner while conducting research and communicating with others as related to school assignments. I will abide by the rules of every network that I access. I understand that if I don’t follow the rules associated with the use of telecommunications and electronic information resources, the appropriate disciplinary consequences, including loss of access to the school’s and district’s electronic information resources, as well as suspension from school, may be enforced upon my violation of said rules.
  9. To refrain from using cellular phones or other electronic devices on campus during the school day. Cell phones may be used ONLY before and after school. During the school day, cell phones are to be turned off and kept out of sight. I understand that I bring my cell phone or other electronic devices to school at my own risk and that the school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  10. To refrain from bringing cameras, video cameras, or other recording devices – including picture or video cell phones – to campus without prior written permission from a school administrator.
  11. To refrain from riding a bicycle, skateboard, or rollerblades on campus. I am aware that Beverly Hills Unified School District Board Policy 5030 requires students who ride bicycles to school to wear safety helmets. Students not wearing helmets may forfeit permission to park bicycles on the school grounds. Students are responsible for securing bikes and helmets. I understand that scooters and skateboards are never allowed on campus.
  12. To refrain from defacing property with graffiti or other acts which damage school property. I understand that the penalty for such damage will be suspension from school, notification of the Beverly Hills Police Department, a parent conference, my responsibility for reimbursement of the costs of repairing the damage, and, in serious cases, initiation of expulsion procedures.
  13. To refrain from unauthorized possession of school/personal property such as keys, examinations, equipment or personal effects. Unauthorized possession may result in my suspension and/or expulsion.
  14. To refrain from the unlawful use, possession of sale of drugs or alcohol on or off school grounds, when involved in any school related activity, or when on the way to or from home/school. I understand that violation of the District drug/alcohol policy will result in my suspension from school, notification of the Beverly Hills Police Department, a parent conference, and initiation of expulsion procedures. I understand that return to school is contingent upon enrollment in an approved drug education/counseling program.
  15. To refrain from fighting or from inciting others to fight. I agree to seek counsel with an appropriate adult when I am involved in disagreements that could lead to fighting. I understand that the penalty for violating this section may result in suspension from school.
  16. To refrain from bringing any type of weapon (includes any type of pocket knife or sharp object) to school. I understand that the penalty for violating this section is my suspension from school and initiation of expulsion procedures.
  17. To refrain from any type of bullying and/or hazing activities that would be likely to cause bodily danger, physical harm, or personal degradation or disgrace to another student. This can be electronically or in person. I understand that any student found bullying and/or hazing will be subject to suspension and/or expulsion and may be referred to the Beverly Hills Police Department.
  18. To respect the dignity and rights of every student and adult. I will refrain from making racial slurs or using vulgar, obscene or insulting language. I understand that violation of the District Sexual Harassment Policy will result in disciplinary action. This policy prohibits verbal, written, or physical sexual harassment. I understand I am responsible for conducting myself responsibly with regard to the rights and safety of others and the importance of mutual respect and understanding.
  19. To refrain from any behavior that disrupts school activities. I understand that actions such as inappropriate classroom conduct, profanity, lack of respect for classmates and adults, the unauthorized selling of any items on campus, the possession of matches, tobacco, poppers, or fireworks are unacceptable behaviors and may result in suspension and/or expulsion.
(Summary for K-3 Students)
  1. I will behave respectfully to all adults and other students at my school.
  2. I will be quiet and orderly in the hallways, cafeteria, and the office.
  3. I will ask my teacher’s permission whenever I leave my room during class time.
  4. I will clean up after myself.
  5. I will dress appropriately for school.
  6. I will not use inappropriate language.
  7. I will not chew or possess gum on school grounds.
  8. I know that I cannot bring toys, music players or electronic games to school.
  9. I will stay out of the halls during recess and lunch times and never enter a classroom without a teacher.
  10. I will not bully others and keep my hands and feet to myself at all times.
  11. I know that I cannot ride my bicycle to school until I am in the 4th grade.
  12. I will not cheat on any tests or assignments or help others to cheat.
  13. I will never bring weapons or dangerous items of any kind to school. This includes any type of pocketknife or sharp object. I understand that if I do I will be suspended or possibly expelled from school.
  14. I will not damage school property in any way.
  15. I will not take things that do not belong to me.
  16. I will not bring a cellular phone or other electronic devices to school. If I bring a cellular phone to school, it must be turned off during school hours and hidden from view at all times. If I do not follow these rules, my cell phone will be taken away and I will no longer be allowed to have one at school.
  1. Students are expected to behave respectfully to adults and to each other.
  2. Quiet, orderly conduct is expected at all times, especially when walking to and from classes in the hallways and stairways. Unless required by a teacher, throwing or bouncing any kind of balls is prohibited within buildings (except for the multi-purpose room).
  3. Students leaving the room for any reason must have a pass.
  4. All students are expected to clean up after themselves-- in the cafeteria, classrooms, halls, and multi-purpose room and on the lawns and playground.
  5. Profanity is prohibited.
  6. Food and drink (other than water) can be eaten only in the cafeteria. Gum is not permitted in any part of Beverly Vista School or grounds.
  7. Students are expected to dress appropriately. Sandals or high heels may not be worn. No make up may be worn during school hours on campus. (See dress code guidelines below.)
  8. If basketballs, soccer balls or other types of playground equipment are brought to school they must have the student's name clearly written on them.
  9. Students are not permitted to ride bicycles, skateboards, roller blades or scooters on school grounds, including Elm Drive in front of the school.
  1. Safety and security are our main concerns
  2. Students will remain within the playground boundaries where there is supervision.
  3. Bike racks, metal storage containers, stairs, deck and hallways are off limits.
  4. Hitting, fighting, shoving, poking, tripping, tackle football, or play that becomes too rough and causes harm to others or to property will not be tolerated.
  5. Hands and feet will be kept to oneself at all times
Students are expected to show respect to all adults and to listen to their directions and procedures
  • When responding to an adult's request, be cooperative, polite and
  • Appropriate language is to be used. Name-calling, rude or disrespectful comments, swearing or gestures will be tolerated. Spitting will not be tolerated.
  • When the whistle blows, line up quickly and quietly at your assigned location.
  • Students will clean up after themselves so that Beverly Vista continues to look neat.
Proper Use of Playground Equipment
  1. Permission is required to use balls from the storage bins.
  2. When using climbing equipment (including arches, domes and horizontal ladders), observe the following:
    1. Use both hands and stay well behind the person in front of you.
    2. Beware of swinging feet and do not hang upside down.
    3. When you drop from the bars, bend your knees and land on both feet.
    4. Everyone must start on the same side of the equipment and move across in the same direction.
    5. When climbing down, watch for those underneath; never race across or try to reach for bars that are too far ahead.
    6. Always follow the guidance of playground staff when using the playground equipment.
  1. When playing a ball game, everyone who wishes to play should be allowed to play.
  2. Select teams appropriately without hurting one another’s feelings.
  3. Have students rotate into the game after each play so that more students can play
  4. If there is a disagreement about a play, repeat the play.
  5. There should be no sliding into, running into, or shoving into other players during any ball game. This type of rough play is prohibited.
Interventions and consequences vary with individual situations or an accumulation of violations. Less severe behaviors can become severe when the student is abusive or disrespectful when discussing the infraction.
1st offense – Warning and benched for the remainder of this recess
2nd offense – Benched for 2 recesses
3rd offense – Meeting with an administrator and parental notification; detention may be assigned
The following rules must be observed or students will forfeit the privilege of riding their bikes or skateboards to and from school:
Only students in grades 4-8 are permitted to ride bicycles to or from school. Only students in grades 6-8 are allowed to ride skateboards to or from school. Bicycles must be registered with the Beverly Hills Police Department and licenses must be carried on the bicycle. When not in use, bicycles must be locked in the bike rack. Skateboards must be stored in a teacher’s classroom. Students who wish to ride their skateboards to school must have their teacher’s permission in advance to store the board in the classroom. Students are not permitted to ride bicycles or skateboards on school grounds, including the school side of Elm Drive.
All students riding bikes or skateboards to school must wear helmets. Students who do not wear appropriate helmets will have their bikes or skateboards confiscated and will be referred to the Beverly Hills Police Department for further action.
Beverly Vista School actively seeks and welcomes parent involvement in the life of our school. However, to minimize disruptions and ensure a safe and secure environment for all students, the following procedures will be strictly enforced per Education Code and State law.
Visitors must enter through the main entrance adjacent to the flag pole, sign in at the school office, and request a Visitor’s Badge. Badges must be worn conspicuously while inside the school campus. When leaving the campus, visitors must return their badges to the office and sign out.
Parent-teacher conferences should be arranged in advance. Visitors, including parents, will not be allowed to visit without prior permission from the teacher or an administrator.
Beverly Hills Unified School District
Elementary and Middle School
Policies for Cheating, Cell Phones and Dress Code
The Beverly Hills Unified School District believes that the school and the home should be engaged in a partnership to teach the values of integrity, truth, personal accountability and respect for the rights of others.
Cheating- Defined
Students should understand that, among other things, cheating includes communicating with another student during an exam, copying material during an exam, allowing another student to copy from their exam paper, using unauthorized notes or devices, submitting falsified information for grading purposes, obtaining and supplying a copy and/or information about an exam without the knowledge and consent of the teacher, submitting work written by another person (except as outlined below *), submitting work written by the student for another assignment without the instructor’s knowledge or consent (self-plagiarism), copying another person’s assignment (s), allowing another student to copy his or her assignment, or taking home exams without the knowledge and consent of the instructor.
* When a student submits an assignment, that assignment should be only his or her own work unless the teacher has specifically set up the assignment as a group project or other collaborative assignment. In such cases, the names of all students involved in the group process should be listed on the assignment. If the teacher has not designated the assignment as a group project, submitting an assignment written by more than one person is plagiarism.
Cell Phones (Kindergarten through Eighth Grade) :
All K-8 Beverly Hills Schools are cell phone free zones. Cell phones may not be seen or heard at any time during the school day in any location. Cell phones may not be used inside the buildings after school. I understand that if I bring my cell phone to school, it is at my own risk and that the school is not responsible for lost or stolen cell phones.
First infraction:
  • Cell phone will be confiscated and it must be picked up by a parent and/or guardian in the assistant principal’s office at the close of the following school day.
Second infraction:
  • Cell phone will be confiscated and it must be picked up by a parent and/or guardian in the assistant principal’s office after one week.
Third infraction:
  • Student will not be allowed to bring a cell phone to school for the remainder of the school year.
Dress Code (Kindergarten through Eighth Grade):
  • No revealing clothing. Students shall not wear sheer blouses, bare midriff or revealing tank tops, tube tops, open backed shirts, halter tops, spaghetti straps or low-cut necklines.
  • Short skirts and short shorts are not allowed.
  • Leggings or tights must be covered by shorts, dress, or skirt.
  • Students shall not wear sagging or oversized pants or shirts. Belts, wallet chains, etc., may not hang down.
  • Undergarments shall not be visible.
  • Hats or hoods may not be worn in class.
  • No clothing, backpacks, or hats that suggest a gang affiliation, bear inappropriate logos including graffiti style language/logos, carry an inappropriate message (words or images that are offensive, vulgar, derogatory towards individuals or groups of people, or that promote or advertise illegal products or activities), do not provide appropriate coverage, or detract from the academic environment.
  • For reasons of safety, students must wear closed toe shoes. Sandals, flip flops and slippers are not allowed.
  • Make up is not permitted. Students must have clean, neat hair with natural color.
  • All clothing must be neat, clean, and in good condition, reflecting a professional atmosphere of learning.
Students who do not follow these specific dress code rules or wear clothing that is inappropriate for school will be sent to the office for appropriate attire.
First Infraction:
  • Referral to assistant principal for change of clothing. Parent will be contacted.
Second Infraction:
  •  Referral to assistant principal. Parent must bring a change of clothes and meet with assistant principal.
Third Infraction:
  • Referral to assistant principal. Student may be suspended.