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Upon returning to school after an absence, students must present an absence form to the homeroom teacher (signed by the parent). If the student is ill, please indicate the nature of the illness. This is a State Educational Code Requirement. Absence forms are available from the office, your child’s teacher, or from the website. 
If, because of illness or injury, a student is unable to attend school for a long period of time (generally more than two weeks), a home study teacher can be assigned to give instruction in the home or hospital. More information can be obtained from the school office.
Punctuality is important for all students. Students entering a classroom late disrupt the learning process. PLEASE MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO ENSURE THAT YOUR CHILD ARRIVES AT SCHOOL ON TIME EVERY DAY! Any student who is not in class at the start of school is considered tardy and will have this recorded in their school record. To encourage punctuality, students may be assigned additional consequences including detention. Any student who arrives at school within fifteen minutes of the start of school should report directly to their homeroom and will be marked tardy by the teacher. If a child is more than fifteen minutes late, he or she will report to the Health Office and MUST have a note from a parent explaining the tardiness. Any student arriving later than fifteen minutes without a note will not be permitted to enter school until a parent is contacted. After the third tardy, the student will be required to serve detention. Any student who is over 30 minutes late to school three times unexcused will be classified as a truant under California law.