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Middle School Students wishing to attend one of our Outdoor Education trips are required to perform community service. 


Below you will find a few options for Community Service. Remember that points must be earned at a minimum of two different locations (i.e. they may not be earned all at school).

Community Service Options
Try contacting one of the local nursing homes in BH.

Try contacting BH Recreation and Parks.

Volunteer Los Angeles:

 LA Works:

 Animal Shelters in BH

 Try one of the local shelters such as West LA Animal Shelter.

 Try contacting Petco or Centennial Feed. They usually have rescue organizations who need volunteers on the weekends

 Try participating in one of the coastal clean-up programs such as HEAL THE BAY (3rd Saturday of every month)

Try contacting local temples. They are putting food boxes/baskets together at food kitchen or food banks.

Try contacting local food banks such as Westside Food Bank, (310) 828-6016