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Beverly Vista School’s mission is to provide students with a clean, safe, and nurturing environment in which they are afforded the opportunity to be educated by the highest quality educators who utilize up-to-date teaching strategies and state-of-the-art technology while ensuring academic rigor. Beverly Vista prepares students to be critical thinkers, socially conscious, caring, and, engaged citizens of their communities who are prepared for high school, college, and the professional world. Students at Beverly Vista are encouraged to take leadership roles while working collaboratively as part of a team that strives for a common goal.  Beverly Vista offers its students educational experiences that foster an appreciation of the diversity of its student body, the community, and the world.

Beverly Vista's motto, 'Believe in your country, in your school, in yourself,' exemplifies our values and traditions. Caring relationships exist between students, parents, staff and community. High academic standards, student-centered programs, citizenship and a warm family atmosphere - these are the essential elements of our school.

Located in the southern section of Beverly Hills, Beverly Vista School, affectionately known as "BV", is truly a neighborhood school. Parents who attended Beverly Vista many years ago return to the area so that their children may also attend BV. Alumni always regard themselves as part of the Beverly Vista family. Our once homogeneous student population has changed dramatically in the last two decades. Our students come from 20 countries with Iran, Korea, and Israel being the largest non-US groups. English Language Learners constitute 45% of our students. The LEP population averaged around 9% over the last few years. Our families represent a cross section of socio-economic levels and include many single-parent households and families. There are a significant number of Special Education and GATE students and we are able to serve these students with robust programs that target each child's specific learning needs. This diversity has become our strength. 

"The mission of the Beverly Hills Unified School District, the heart of our city's pride and excellence, is to ensure that our students are humane, thinking, productive citizens through an educational system characterized by state-of-the-art technology; a dynamic interdisciplinary curriculum; student-centered active learning; respect for diversity; strong parent and community involvement; and a nurturing environment where all share a common purpose and a joy of learning." In 1993, a committee representing the schools and the larger community developed a Strategic Plan that articulated the above mission statement, along with its defining beliefs, objectives, policies and strategies. Over 200 people from all segments of the community developed the central mission. Specific action plans created in 1995 were evaluated in 1999 and updated in 2002.

Exceptional ELL, Special Education and GATE programs address the individual needs of our students. Our Student Study Team deals with learning disabilities and with the social and emotional problems of students as well. From high test scores, (an API of 918 in 2013), speech and math contest winners to numerous awards, our students distinguished themselves. As a result, we enjoy both national and international reputations. One of our immigrant mothers recently said, "I came to this country with the name of this school in my pocket."

We confirm continuously our commitment to high educational standards. Through the Joint Powers Agreement, the City of Beverly Hills provides approximately $10 million annually to the schools. Partnerships with the Beverly Hills Educational Foundation and Maple Counseling Center also provide invaluable support services for student success. Together with our PTA, School Site Council, and the Instructional Leadership Team who offer leadership and support, we provide clear goals for students. We seek to educate and to inspire every student to be all that he or she can be. Our Middle School Advisory Program not only enables teachers and students to develop more personal associations, but also provides a structure in which the academic, social and emotional needs of children are addressed. The Beverly Hills Way, a program devoted to student responsibility and character development, and legendary Coach John Wooden's Pyramid of Success character development programs complements our efforts to develop humane, thinking productive citizens with a sense of community and commitment.