Green Thumbs and Artists Come Together to Beautify the Beverly Vista Campus

     The Beverly Vista Art Club, led by art teacher Ryan Lisko, is part of an ongoing effort to beautify the school.  Recently, all of Beverly Vista's planter boxes were “adopted” by classes and artistically transformed.
     Drought tolerant plants and other foliage were then planted across the campus by BV third grade students in Laura Revness’ class.
     In addition, there are now newly-built edible garden planter boxes on the BV campus that are awaiting seeds for planting.
     “Studies have shown that direct exposure to nature is essential for a child’s healthy physical and emotional development," says Beverly Vista Principal Christian Fuhrer, "As technology becomes more prevalent, we need to ensure we are providing experiences that are rooted in the natural world as well."
PHOTO INFORMATION: 3rd grade students in Ms. Revness’ class tend to the planter boxes they “adopted”. From left to right: Aaron Shemtov, Evander Goodman-Strauss, Wyatt Balbier, Taym Abboud, and Edible Garden parent volunteer, Lisa Zacarias
PHOTO INFORMATION: 3rd grade student Erin Han, Principal Christian Fuhrer, and 3rd grade student Eden Romero planting native grasses on the E-Deck
PHOTO INFORMATION: BV Planter Box Photo Art Club: from left to right: Mr. Ryan Lisko, Stephanie Ortiz, Edden Mizrahi, Hannah Mahboubi, Elise Soufer, Donna Lee, Maya Rendon, Florence Basile, Leo Cooper, Arielle Margolin, Ellen Lim, Manuela Torres, Elliana Mizrahi, Emma Maurer