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Support for Victims of the Woolsey Fires

Please review verified ways to support our neighboring communities and some of our BHUSD staff, families and friends who may have been impacted by the Woolsey Fires.

Tricycling for a Cause - To Fund This School Year’s Programs at Beverly Vista

Beverly Vista Principal Chris Regan rides a kindergarten tricycle as promised to the kids for raising $15,000 for the “Run for Success” fundraiser. If they reach $30,000 he’ll wear a superhero costume for a day, and if they reach $55,000 he’ll shave his beard!  Beverly Vista‘s “Run for Success” scheduled to take place next Wednesday, Nov 14 is everybody’s favorite day of fitness and one of the school’s most important fundraisers which will fund this school year's field trips, busses, hands-on science programs and many enrichment programs.  Please donate at

BHUSD Board of Education Approves the Reconfiguration of K-8 Schools

BHUSD Board of Education approves the reconfiguration of K-8 Schools in the 2019-2020 school year. Beverly Vista will become the first consolidated Middle School in Beverly Hills Unified School District history. Two TK-5 schools will be at Hawthorne and Horace Mann, while El Rodeo will go off-line for 2 year-construction beginning June 2019. Several Transition Teams will be formed and open to all BHUSD Community members to join. If interested please email:

The "Parent Survey for BH Schools" on Survey Monkey is NOT an official BHUSD survey! Feedback is encouraged by email at

This morning a Parent Survey for BH Schools regarding the Reconfiguration Proposal was issued by a Parent and sent out to some members of the BHUSD community. This is NOT an official survey by BHUSD. Community members are encouraged to voice questions, concerns and feedback by email at Please access the official BHUSD Reconfiguration Information section on the website at for all official BHUSD information.
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