Beverly Vista School



The Beverly Hills Education Foundation contributes to our school district to enhance
revenues needed to fund vital school needs including:
Teachers and Classroom Aides - Small Classroom Sizes - Visual and Performing Arts Programs - Resource Specialists - Technology - Libraries - Athletic Equipment - Foreign Language - High School Architecture - Co-Curricular Enrichment Opportunities - Media and KBEV - Counselors - Elementary School Summer - Enrichment - Summer Arts Academy - Ambassador Parent Program - Debbie Allen Dance Academy at BHUSD - Middle School Intramural Sports Program.

The BHEF is guided by a Board of Directors comprised of parents, community members and PTA presidents from each of the district's five schools. The leadership draws upon the energies and aspirations of its individual members, while responding to the expressed needs of the Beverly Hills Unified School District and the community. When you support the BHEF, you support not only the children in our schools but you become a champion of our entire community. Good public schools increase property values and great public schools increase the value of our city exponentially. Supporting BHEF is good for our kids, good for our schools and good for our city.

Beverly Hills Education Foundation
255 South Lasky Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Phone: (310) 557-0651 - Fax: (310) 557-1769