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Committee Chairs



After-School Sales

Michelle Mandel, Julie Behrstock, and Mandy Cukier

BV Wear

Archna Tuli and Paulette DePaulo

Book Fair

Julia Green and Kelly Hinden

Celebration of Books

Jill Tiernan and Jennifer Cohen

Earthquake Preparedness

Paulette DePaulo

Green Pages & Ads

Elizabeth Nejad and Deena Wachtel

Wrapping Paper


Movie and Bingo Night

Kim Hartley and Andrea Kune-Clark

Teacher Time Auction

Elizabeth Nejad, Loly Perlmutter, Jennifer Gordon, and Tamar Seff

Open House (Food)

Suzanne Kreshek


Loly Perlmutter

Run For Success

Marnie Prisand, Nicole Ehrlich, Adele Mussry, Lori Fienberg, Michelle Gracie, and Lori Goldsmith

Staff Appreciation Week

Kelly Hinden, Caren Gitlin, and Nicole Mathalon

Bedtime Books for Bulldogs 

Suzanne Kreshek and Jodie Perelmutter

Pancake Breakfast 

Laura Margo and Deena Wachtel

BV Carnival

Mona Zargar, Arezou Benjaman, and Natasha Imani

PTA Meetings Food

Farnaz Barkhordar and Stacie Charlin