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homework for 10/19

1. LA: BR 1 - prepare project; script, costume(s), prop(s)
2. LA/SS: first draft of writing response: "How did Climate & Geography affect
                how Native American Indians lived?"
3. MA: Handout pg. 214 - subtracting fractions with unlike denominators


New food allergy in our class.  A student has recently tested positive for dairy proteins.  Please remain thoughtful whenever provided treats for holidays and birthdays.  If possible, then please provide an alternate treat for this student.  It is MUCH appreciated 

Homework for Tuesday 10/17

1. LA: Begin preparing book report project; drafting the script
           start to focus the required 5 - 10 additional questions.
2. MA: Handout pg 213; adding unlike denominators - word problems
3. SS: Handout 14T4 - NAI Customs and traditions worksheet
4. CLASS: parent signature on pronouns test score notice

Homework for Monday 10/16

1. LA: Strategy 3, questions 13 - 16
2. LA: assessment tomorrow: pronouns
3. MA: handout pg 212


Tomorrow, Tuesday October 17, students will be assessed on pronouns.

Students are blown away at the Google AR experience.  They explored the solar system up close and in great detail.

homework for Thursday 10/12

1. LA: BR 1, novel notes: plot points, influential people & experiences
           ***Novel notes were not checked today; no time***
2. LA: Strategy 3, Sequence: questions 9 - 12
3. SS: Unit 1, lesson 3: R/H and respond to all prompts on pages
           Outlining will happen later

Homework for Wednesday 10/11

1. LA: BR 1: novel notes; any conflicts and plot points
2. LA: Strategy 3: Sequence; questions 5 - 8
3. SCI: Solar system; wb lesson 4.

Homework for Tuesday 10/10

1. LA: Br 1, novel notes: plot points
2. LA: Strategy 3, Sequence: questions 1 - 4

Homework for Monday 10/9

1. LA: BR 1: post-it notes: childhood setting; neighborhood, family, friends, etc.
                     Notes need to labeled at the top, legible, and within every three
                     pages as a minimum.

Homework for 10/5

1. LA: Read for 30+ minutes and log
2. LA: BR1 - Obtain 100 page single story chapter book about chosen subject
           novel due in class Monday, October 9
3. SS: Finish Winter Count Scroll - due tomorrow!
4. CLASS: Parent signature on math test score notice
                  Parent signature on BR 1 instructions page 2
5. SCI: WB Solar System, lesson 3 R/H and respond to all prompts

Homework for Wednesday 10/4

1. LA: Read for 30+ minutes and log
2. LA: Decide on top 3-5 biography subjects; names decided tomorrow
3. SCI: WB Lesson 2, Solar System, pp. 164 - 168
            R/H and respond to all prompts 

Homework for Tuesday 10/3

1. LA: Read for 30+ minutes and log
2. LA: BR 1 instructions signed
           Decide your subject!  names due tomorrow
3. CLASS: NAI poster grade slip signed
4. MA: Prepare for assessment tomorrow: multiples & factors, mean, mode and