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Homework for Tuesday 2/20

1. LA: Strategy 8 drawing conclusions & making inferences questions 1 - 4
2. LA: RL 5
3. SCI: Finish WB for weather unit
4. MA: Handout pg 134 - multiplying decimals by base 10 numbers
5. CLASS: Griffith Observatory permission form

Homework for Tuesday 2/13

1. CLASS: Bring in food, drinks, candy-grams*, treats for Valentine's Day lunch
                  party *Candy grams must be a class set at least; friends may receive
                  something extra
2. LA: Research Log #1 (RL1) due tomorrow for research project fair

Jad, Armin, and Gabe and classmates are busy loading their virtual stores with products.  In the decimal unit they will sell and shop at our virtual market place.  They will maintain ledgers with adding and subtracting decimals.
Asher demonstrates the best way to keep a serious eye on things while in science lab.  He and his partners were creating convection currents.

Homework for Wednesday 2/7

1. LA: Finish focus questions for research topics
2. SCI: Finish Lab: Convection Currents write up (begun in class)
3. CLASS: Bring in parent signature on research project instructions


Hi,  We will be celebrating Valentine's Day with a lunch party in the room on Wednesday 2/14 from 11:30 - 12:20.  Parents are welcome to join us.  If your child wants to bring candy-grams, then please have a class set.  Special friends, of course, may receive something extra/separately. Class mom, Marnie Prisand, will be emailing a list of the names in the class as well menu suggestions.
Thank you!!

Homework for Tuesday 2/6

1. LA: Write focus questions for research project (5 questions per topic)
2. CLASS: Parent signature on research project instructions
3. SS: Continue research for explorers project

Homework for Monday 2/5

1. LA/SS:  Explorer project.  Due: Tuesday February 13 at 8:30 AM.
2. MA:  Handout Decimal Place Value pp. 14 - 15 #1-25
3. Class: Math test score notice signed

Parent, Alana Crow, visits class to discuss this year's service learning project: a letter writing campaign to help free a gorilla held captive in a Thailand mall.  Despite world wide awareness, Lotus is still being held in a cage for more than 30 years!!  Please join us in writing letters pleading with her "owner" to release her into a safe sanctuary.  She could live another 30+ years in a cage.  Please give any letters to me and I will forward to Alana.  

Homework for Tuesday 1/30

1. LA: Reading strategy 7, questions 13 - 16
2. LA: 3 Subject-Topics tables as shown in class*
          *As it relates to the large scale research project we are about to begin
3. LA: Prepare top three subject and related topics choices.  Choices are locked
          in this Thursday 2/1

Homework for Monday 1/29

1. LA: Auction letter deadline is February 1 - NO EXCEPTIONS AT ALL!!
2. LA: Strategy 7, questions 9 - 12
3. SCI: WB pp. 133 - 138 Weather unit, read & highlight and respond to all
4. CLASS: BR 2 grade slip signed by parent and filled out by student on left side

Alex B, Mitchell, Sadie and Revital work on their decimal skills in class with handmade numeric cards.  The challenge was to be the first person to correctly total the displayed decimal numbers.