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8th Grade Corner » 2017-2018 - Tribute Ad Guidelines and Yearbook -

2017-2018 - Tribute Ad Guidelines and Yearbook -

Beverly Vista School

Yearbook Tribute Ad Guidelines

Straight from the heart and into the yearbook!
Once again we are offering the opportunity to “personalize” the yearbook
in a very special way with a ¼, ½, and full-page tribute ads.

Prices are:
 ¼ = $80
½ = $150
 full = $250.

Limited space is available to tell your student how proud of them you are!

Regardless of the occasion, your ad provides a great way to recognize a student or
event in a special and unique way.

Please keep photos and statements in the spirit of a school publication
(BV reserves the right to exclude inappropriate subject material).

Please fill out the Tribute Ad form attached below and 
return it to school NO LATER than January 19th, 2018

Questions? Please contact Mr Postlewaite