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Hello and welcome to Ms. Revness’ class!
I graduated UCLA with three lifetime teaching credentials in Elementary Education, Secondary History, and Art.I recieved the Apple Award in 2012 and have been recognized by the BHUSD Boars of Education for outstanding STAR scores. This is my 30th year of teaching. My two children attended El Rodeo (they are now in college), so I know what it’s like to be a parent as well as a teacher. I believe that the most important thing about school is creating a loving and safe environment for children to learn, grow, and thrive. My goal is to make school engaging and fun for every student, including opportunities for enrichment and remediation.

To encourage students to love learning, programs are taught actively. Students will learn through reading, math games, creative writing, group projects, and lots of art. We will learn to knit and sing silly songs…even how to make our own puppets for a student-written puppet show. We will write our very own books and read over twenty pieces of literature together while curled up on the rug. We’ll enjoy weekly science experiments and social studies projects, including building a 3-D map of California, Indian sand paintings, totem poles, and writing our own myths.

I enjoy getting to know the families of my students and feel great satisfaction in my students' growth. I hope I get to meet you!